Prosperity of a Nation

"Tanzanians have always wondered as to why we are this poor while we have all the potential to do better?"

A Tanzanian Renewal

"The path to the Tanzanian renewal is an enduring one, and starts with dreaming big, planning and implementation. It has to be a serious movement by all Tanzanians."

Empowering our Youth

"The government shall establish a government body that oversees entrepreneurship and investment among young graduates."
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About Dr. Hamisi A. Kigwangalla

Dr. Hamisi Kigwangalla (b. August 8th, 1975) is a Member of Parliament in Tanzania representing the Nzega Constituency. He originates from the Tabora region of central-western Tanzania. He was trained as a medical doctor at the University of Dar es Salaam. In addition he holds a Master of Public Health degree from the Karolinska Institute (Sweden) and a Master of Business Administration from the Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden). He is currently writing his doctoral thesis on Social Justice and Priority Setting in Public Health at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Dr. Kigwangalla chairs the parliamentary Standing Committee on Regional Administration and Local Government. He is married to Dr. Bayoum Awadh Kigwangalla and they have three children together. Last year in September, he became the youngest and first politician to declare openly his intention to run for the Presidency of the United Republic of Tanzania in the October 2015 general elections.

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— Dr. Beatus K. Leon, Director, Health Systems Strengthening, I-Tech Tanzania, Department of Global Health, University of Washington

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